Amy & Erin were married on September 2nd, 2017 at Silver Falls State Park. As part of the festivities, the John Pitney Family Singers performed an original song celebrating their “controversial” union. Click below to hear a studio version of the song (Or download it here).

Amy & Erin's Wedding Song

by The John Pitney Family Singers



Amy and Erin are married!
Amy and Erin are married!
This may sound controversial,
But we’re doin’ as best as we can!
Doin’ as best as we can (clap, clap),
Doin’ as best as we can (clap, clap)!
This may sound controversial,
But alls we can do is as best as we can! (REPEATS):

Verse 1:

Remember that day, so long, long ago Married in the Park
The wedding in Silver Falls Park?
They said their vows and they ate some cake,
Then we sang camp songs (Baby Shark, Baby Shark)!

Verse 2:

Erin was born of Debbie and John
Amy of Sharon and Bill
They were raised in church on the Bible and S’mores.
So of course they met at camp in the great outdoors!

Verse 3:

So Amy and Erin were best friends
Long before they were girl friends.
They make best friends wherever they be
And you know you’re Amy’s new best friend,
When she says, “You’re dead to me!”


Verse 4:   

They are famous for “Make Your Own Pizza” Nights.
Bring the toppings you wish
Erin is a pineapple and sausage gal
Amy will eat anything with mushrooms or fish! (Swedish fish!)           

Verse 5:

Amy and Erin are changing the world,
Each on their own unique path.
Amy teaches kiddos how to feed themselves,
While Erin teaches asymptotes and indiscrete math.

Verse 6: 

Now some would say that marriage
Should always be a woman and man,
But we all know how small that sounds
If we’re doin’ as best as we can.

So here’s to Erin and Amy,
Controversial as it may be,
There’s a larger love that knows no bounds
And this kinda love makes the world go ‘round.

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