This is the 3rd installment of a 3-part series on “Fighting For Clean Energy at Anacortes.” You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here

I believe that we all need heroes, especially climate heroes. Mine are Patty and Debby. They are old friends and part of my conscience about why this is all important. We also share a common faith story as United Methodists and a commitment to organizing among faiths in that realm.

For us, simply put, faith is as faith does. And doing faith is about interrupting and interfering in unjust systems, challenging business as usual, taking power seriously and challenging it to the teeth, putting our lives on the line that beauty will prevail. This is the Jesus Way, really the human way.

And really, my climate heroes today are those who were willing to be arrested and the whole community of people who showed up to stand in solidarity and, in fact, all those who labor in the fossil fuel industry and these refineries where they are 7 times as likely to die on the job. What I learned is what I already knew and then some: principally that I had to be there in Anacortes. Being there, being part of the action, sent me back home with great hope.

So keep on keeping on, brothers and sisters of Earth. We’re all in the same Canoe for sure. And power to the grandmothers!

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