To get our Net-Zero project going, 20 of us–friends and family, our son, daughter and partners from both coasts–gathered on a half-rainy/half-sunny week in March for the Demolition Derby. Taking out frustrations with big hammers is seriously underrated!!! The 1937 rental was a house like nobody should ever have to occupy. Not a speck of insulation in any wall, 2 inches of ancient rock wool in the ceilings, there was rat manure throughout. We swept away the disintegrated wall plates with a broom.

Then 4-year-old Soren knocked out the last supports with a hammer big enough to match his grin. 1 – 2 -3, go Soren!!!

And the demolition party raged on from there until there was nothing left but the bare-bones framing of one section of wall, some sore backs, big smiles, ragged work clothes, and a few leftover treasures from past inhabitants.

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