This is the third segment or our premiere Pitney Passive House film titled Insulation, or, as I like to call it:

Ain’t No Rat Gonna Live In These Walls
R-56 Beside, R-70 Above, R60 Below: Now That’s Robust Baby!!!

Watch Part 1 and Part 2.

I’m sure you’ve all noticed, ad nauseum, our current popular useage of words like epic, iconic, and, yes, robust. You will hear, on this segment, our esteemed builder, John Mead, speaking of the robust-ness of our insulating system. Hmmmm. You know the wiki-definition, right?

Robust: rōˈbəst adj.: muscular, burly, sinewy, brawny, resilient, long-lasting

OK, John Mead, I guess your word works fine. Robust just makes me think of the old Folgers Coffee commercial. Now think: walls with coffee-breath. Neither of us even like the elixir of the caffeine bean. Just sayin. I don’t object to the technologies inside the enclosures that insulate my life being burly and resilient. And, I do appreciate what JM has to say about rodents. The walls of the house we tore down on this spot harbored several generations of, might I say, Ratatouiles. At least they left behind generations of their little football-shaped calling cards between the studs. And John assures us that the fiberglass is also inert. When I think of rats, even inert gives some comfort. Most of all I really appreciate doing things like construction in such a way that it’s “almost impossible to get wrong.” When a panel of us talked about this film at the Premiere, one of the experts among us praised the simplicity of our design. There is security in processes simple enough that it’s very hard to screw up. I like that. Not that our builders and their crew are simpletons. Well…except they are. You know…in a good way! So let’s just stay with robust OK?. It’s all robust!!!

3-Insulation – Cellar Ridge Pitney Passive House – V2 from Ryan Ao on Vimeo.

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